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A.I.-Powered Resources for Teaching and Learning.

Professor A.I.’s Teacher Pai is a groundbreaking platform that instantaneously creates customized SEL educational programs for students and parents, based on the information provided its user. Each educational program is comprised of five services:

Create Dynamic SEL Educational Programs

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Empower Teachers!
Engage Students!
Engage Parents & the Community!
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A.I.-Powered K-12 SEL Lessons
& Parent Workshops

Use artificial intelligence to create customized, project-based SEL educational programs in seconds, giving educators more time to focus on teaching and other important tasks.

Our Services

A.I.-Powered Resources
for Teaching

Project-based, SEL educational programs in the following areas:
• Career Awareness
• Civic Engagement
• Culinary Arts
• The Black Experience
• The Latino Experience
• Financial Literacy
• Restorative Practices

A.I.-Powered Resources
for Learning



Tech & Design Services for
Organizational Development

Technology-driven solutions to challenges faced by youth/community-serving agencies.

Explore The Latino Experience!

Engage Your Students, Parents and Community in Dynamic, Bilingual Learning Experiences Powered by Artificial Intelligence.