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A.I.-Powered Resources for Teaching and Learning.

Professor A.I.’s Teacher Pai is a groundbreaking platform that instantaneously creates customized SEL educational programs for students and parents, based on the information provided its user. Each educational program is comprised of five services:

Create Dynamic SEL Educational Programs

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Empower Teachers!
Engage Students!
Engage Parents & the Community!
Save Time and Money! 

A.I.-Powered K-12 SEL Lessons
& Parent Workshops

Use artificial intelligence to create customized, project-based SEL educational programs in seconds, giving educators more time to focus on teaching and other important tasks.

Our Services

A.I.-Powered Resources
for Teaching

Project-based, SEL educational programs in the following areas:
• Career Awareness
• Civic Engagement
• Culinary Arts
• The Black Experience
• The Latino Experience
• Financial Literacy
• Restorative Practices

A.I.-Powered Resources
for Learning



Tech & Design Services for
Organizational Development

Technology-driven solutions to challenges faced by youth/community-serving agencies.


Explore The Black Experience!

Engage Your Students, Parents and Community in Dynamic Lessons about the Black Experience Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Explore The Latino Experience!

Engage Your Students, Parents and Community in Dynamic, Bilingual Learning Experiences Powered by Artificial Intelligence.