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About Us

Community Change, Inc. (CCI) is a New York State-based company whose mission is to support the survival and success of youth, families, communities, and the agencies that serve them. CCI does this through six services: 1. Youth Programs 2. Parent/Family Workshops 3. Staff Trainings/Professional Development 4. Course & Curricula Development 5. Strategic Planning and 6. Grant Writing/Fund Development.

CCI supports nonprofits, institutions of higher education, school districts, youth bureaus and other agencies through customized curricula and professional development in our six niche areas. We also support these agencies by providing fund development and strategic planning services that builds their capacity to serve youth, parents/families, and communities.

Community Change, Inc. has three subsidiary companies: CareerVisions, Ltd., CareerVisions, NY and Professor A.I.

  1. CareerVisions, Ltd. implements CCI’s short-term, and year-to-year projects.
  2. CareerVisions, NY, is CCI’s nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that implements CCI’s state-wide, multi-year, grant-funded projects.


Professor A.I. is CCI’s EdTech company that provides artificial intelligence-powered resources for teaching and learning. Professor A.I. also provides technological design services and solutions to address the organizational development needs of youth and community-serving agencies.